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Join us on our journey to build the next generation of web services that democratize access to finance for developers and businesses

Hypto started in 2018 with a vision to democratize access to financial products for everyone. As we built our first product, a loyalty management & analytics platform for offline retailers, we spent nearly 80% of our time integrating with banks and card networks.

The product failed, but we succeeded in our mission and went one step closer to understanding the real bottlenecks to democratizing finance. There was a clear gap in adoption of technology within financial institutions.

hypto story hypto story

We were constantly reminded of Marc Andreessen’s quote - “software is eating the world”, but the world of finance seems to be eaten a decade slower. While neo-banks and other digitally native financial apps were trying to solve for the interface layer, we noticed a sincere lack of investment in redefining the infrastructure layer.

Hypto is now breaking down finance in terms of primitive infrastructure & code and making it accessible to everyone. We believe this will inspire every developer & business to build their own set of financial products which are at the cutting edge of technology. It's a lofty goal but we are not afraid of it!

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Join us on our journey to build the next generation of web services that democratize access to finance for developers and businesses.

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Hypto Tenets

Our tenets are the driving force for everything we do at Hypto

Empathize Extremely

We consider this to be our leading tenet - it is who we are, who we should be and who we want to be. Always be empathetic to everyone around you - colleagues, customers, family and the rest will follow.

Be an owner, be decisive

You are an owner of Hypto - decide and act with conviction. Our biggest strength is our speed !!! Be solution minded and not problem minded.

Take bold bets

We change the world by taking breathtaking risks - unless people ask ‘Are you crazy?’, you are doing something wrong.

Earn the position to take bold bets

To be able to do something crazy, we should also be able to ensure that the craziness does not void us in case it fails. In essence, get right a few times before getting to the stage where you can afford to be wrong.

Be right over a longer horizon than optimizing for local maxima

We always optimize for what our ideal end state is without any constraints. If what you do today does not help you get there, then it is not worth doing.

Adapt and survive

The greatest swords are forged in the hottest temperatures. Persevere and adapt to survive all odds. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Continuous improvement

Be curious, learn and always strive to improve upon your previous state. The only comparison for each is with their prior state and as long as the graph is up and to the right, we are sorted.

Opinionated with humility

It’s good to have strong opinions. It’s good to be humble. What makes us great is being humble while having strong opinions.

Our Backers

Stellaris Venture Partners
3one4 Capital
Amrish Rau

CEO of Pine Labs

Jitendra Gupta

Founder of Jupiter

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